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Thursday - 04/10/14

After drinking the drugged protein drink Liam left for him, Daniel gets very drowsy on the job and is finally forced to remove himself from operating on a patient. When he tests positive for prescription medication, Anne accuses him of being a drug abuser. Liam watches the results of his handiwork from a distance, then returns to Daniel's apartment to destroy all the evidence.

Jennifer helps Abe get over his guilt about his growing romantic interest in Maxine.

When Eric reminds Nicole how important the church has been to him, she fears he's about to dump her. Instead, Eric tells her he wants to marry her - even though it would be outside the Church. Nicole is thrilled. She goes to share the good news with Daniel - and finds Liam lurking outside his apartment.

Brady reassures Theresa he wants to keep seeing her. Maggie interrupts, and when Brady leaves the room, Theresa gleefully points out to Maggie that all the objections from her and everyone else only make Brady want to be with her more. Later, Brady privately opens up to Maggie about what draws him to Theresa: she is the only one in his life who doesn't know anything about Kristen.

Hope rescues Chase from a dangerous situation. Aiden is truly grateful, and their relationship turns a huge corner.

JJ and Paige go for a run together and make plans for later. Marybeth warns Paige she's making a mistake, but Paige stands up to her. Rory and Bev realize JJ and Paige are into each other, and Bev doesn't like it. She thinks they're wrong for each other, and will make sure Paige soon realizes it, too.

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Liam causes a major scandal for Daniel at the hospital.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Liam causes a major scandal for Daniel at the hospital.