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Thursday - 03/27/14

Theresa figures out that Liam is the one harassing Jennifer. Liam denies it, but she runs off to tell Daniel, anxious to clear herself after everyone suspected her. Daniel jumps the gun, telling her to stay away from Brady. Theresa's so angry, her good intentions go out the window. She returns to Liam and reveals she didn't warn Daniel and Jennifer about him after all. In fact, she might have something that will help him. Meanwhile, Brady asks Jennifer what she knows about Theresa. While Jennifer can't give him the whole story, she does warn him that Theresa is bad news.

Eric is about to tell Nicole his reservations about not being able to marry her in the church when Marlena interrupts them. Marlena apologizes for doubting Nicole and hopes to see them both at Will and Sonny's wedding. Eric is touched but when he leaves, Nicole forces Marlena to admit she's still concerned about what information Nicole might be holding back about Dr. Chyka. Nicole insists there's nothing.

Jennifer helps Abe ask Maxine to go with him to the wedding. Later, Jennifer overhears Eric on a phone call with Father Louis and deduces there's something going on concerning Nicole and marriage.

John gives Brady a guilt trip about how ashamed his mother would have been about his drinking. Later, Marlena stops by, and she and Brady talk about their complicated relationship with John. Meanwhile, John encounters Eric and says he approves of him and Nicole.

JJ runs into Paige at community service and finally explains Rory and Bev were behind the friend request. He's affected when Paige reveals she's heard him play the guitar and knows he's really talented.

Will and Sonny ask Caroline to speak at their wedding. She is touched and happily accepts.

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Marlena reaches out to Nicole - who questions her sincerity.
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Days of our Lives
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Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Marlena reaches out to Nicole - who questions her sincerity.