Daniel and Jennifer host the dinner party from hell.
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Thursday - 03/20/14

Season 49
Episode 12299
Air Date 03/20/14

Nicole sets up a seductive scene to lure Eric into lovemaking. He doesn't suspect at first, believing she's just being romantic. But when she presses, he gets angry - she knows how he feels about this!

Daniel learns about the nasty comments about Jennifer on the hospital website. When he confronts Jennifer and she insists that he back off - she handled it - Daniel promises to let her manage things herself. Meanwhile, Liam shows up at the Horton house and claims to JJ and Abigail that he left his phone charger there on an earlier visit. He slips up to Jennifer's bedroom and takes something. Later, Abigail opens up a bit to JJ, saying her mysterious relationship was a mistake, but thank God it's over.

Hope and Aiden both decide to attend Daniel and Jennifer's party after all, each believing the other won't be there. When they arrive, each is horrified by the other's presence, and the dinner party from hell begins. Daniel and Jennifer are thrown by the obvious tension between Hope and Aiden and between Nicole and Eric. Maxine and Abe are the only ones who seem to be enjoying themselves but even they recognize tonight is a disaster.

Theresa and Brady start to have sex in the middle of the Kiriakis living room but are interrupted by Maggie, who explodes. She calls Brady on his self-destructive behavior, and he is truly shaken.

Liam bumps into Theresa and mentions the hospital gossip about Jennifer being harassed. When he hints he thinks Theresa might possibly know something about it, she explodes. Liam apologizes, saying he didn't mean to accuse her; Jennifer isn't his favorite person either after she dumped him. Later, Liam thinks of Jennifer as he holds up a piece of clothing he stole from her.