Sami and Adrienne spar over Will and Sonny's wedding plans.
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Thursday - 03/13/14

Season 49
Episode 12294
Air Date 03/13/14

Just as Dr. Chyka is about to reveal to Marlena that he left evidence behind, an alarm sounds and Stefano cuts the call short. Angry that Marlena tricked him, Stefano kicks her out. Meanwhile, Eric and Nicole talk with Jennifer, who shares her approval of their coupling. When Nicole leaves, Eric accidentally slips and tells Jennifer about Daniel and Nicole lying to him about being a couple. Elsewhere, a spiteful Stefano calls Nicole to tell her that Marlena is asking questions. Nicole angrily confronts Marlena, who stonewalls as Eric overhears. He demands to know what's going on.

Sami shoots down Adrienne's plan to join forces to talk Sonny and Will out of getting married. When Sonny and Will arrive to talk about wedding plans, the two moms spar over the venue. Eventually they reach an agreement, making Sonny and Will happy that their wedding is starting to take shape. Later, Sami seeks out Abigail - and it appears she will catch her with EJ!

When Chase teases Ciara, Aiden steps up and gets his son to apologize. Hope begins to see this man in a new light. Later, Jennifer invites both single parents to dinner.