Hope and Aiden have a slight thaw.
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Thursday - 03/06/14

Season 49
Episode 12289
Air Date 03/06/14

Marlena tries to dissuade Eric from getting involved with Nicole, but her son will not be deterred. Nicole arrives, and while she's clearly touched by Eric's devotion to her, it also makes her feel guilty at the same time, knowing how she's deceived him. As she packs up her things to move into the Salem Inn, she finally tells Daniel she has a secret she wants to share with him.

Meanwhile, Marlena meets with Stefano, who agrees to set up a chat for her and Dr. Chyka - but at a later date. She later goes to the square where she is stunned to run into John.

Daniel and Jennifer express their commitment to each other, then Daniel visits Hope at the bake sale. He meets Aiden, and the two men hit it off. Unaware of the tension, Daniel invites Hope and Aiden to dinner. Afterwards, Hope and Aiden have a slight thaw.

Jennifer meets with Liam and gently breaks things off. Liam explodes in anger, then quickly dials it back. Later, Eric arrives for his job orientation.

As Ben eavesdrops, Kate learns from Rafe that Jordan is leaving town. Later, after a pep talk from Maxine, Rafe asks Jordan to meet with him before she leaves town for good.