Nick toys with Gabi's insecurities.
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Thursday - 02/27/14

Season 49
Episode 12284
Air Date 02/27/14

Sonny and Will explain to Gabi that their pending nuptials won't change their living arrangements - but Gabi has doubts. After sabotaging Gabi's date with T, Nick shows up to amp Gabi's concerns while pretending to be supportive of Will and Sonny's engagement. Meanwhile, Will confides in Marlena.

Later, Marlena pays a surprise visit to Stefano.

Kate comes upon Rafe and Jordan and takes the opportunity to "thank" Jordan for all she has done for Rafe. She later warns her rival that she'd better not hurt him. Later, Jordan is confronted by Ben.

Hope clashes with a judgmental Aiden, who mistakenly thinks she bought Ciara's treasure trove of earrings. Hope sets aside her anger to have a loving moment with Ciara, explaining to her daughter why she can't keep them all. Ciara then vents to Aiden, who realizes he got it all wrong. He apologizes to Hope - but then puts his foot in his mouth.