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Monday - 08/25/14

Kristen corners Brady in the park and tells him she wants to make things right. Brady blasts her for all she did to ruin his life. She sees his pain over John and gets an idea. Later, she shows up at John's bedside.

Earlier, Marlena and Roman search for Brady to warn him Kristen is free, but they can't find him. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Eric she's not covering the Sami/EJ/Abigail story, even though her boss is demanding it. Eric is unimpressed, and when Marlena calls, he takes off to try to warn Brady about Kristen. Nicole follows him to the Kiriakis mansion, where Eric blasts her. He warns her to stay away from him, and they have a huge, electric moment.

Sami asks EJ for help - things are falling apart at the company, and she can't hold them together anymore. EJ can't believe after all she's done to destroy his life, she'd expect him to help, and he walks out on her.

Abigail angrily confronts Will about the article. Meanwhile, Sonny tries to defend Will's actions to Lucas and later Abigail. Sonny tells Abigail he feels responsible for this whole turn of events because he asked Victor to get Will the job. Sonny then tells Abigail it was Sami, not Will, who gave Abigail's name to the editor. At the same time, Lucas tries to comfort Will and reveals Victor is the owner of Truvista. Will puts two and two together and confronts Sonny for treating him like a child. Meanwhile, Abigail arrives at the DiMera mansion and slaps Sami.

NEXT ON: Abigail warns Sami she has the means to destroy her.

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Will is furious when he figures out Sonny's secret.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, August 25, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Will is furious when he figures out Sonny's secret.