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Monday - 08/18/14

Sami tells Kate about the article Will wrote detailing their takeover of DiMera Enterprises. They worry how the board will react - and also fear this could push Stefano over the edge. Sami tries to do damage control with Shin, who strongly hints it would be best if Sami could say she and EJ reconciled. Sami later thaws a bit with EJ. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny anxiously wait for the online edition of Will's story to hit the web. Will gets testy when he feels Sonny isn't being supportive. They soon make up; then Kate arrives, demanding answers from her grandson.

Earlier, Abigail (who's out with Arianna) and Ben run into each other in the park and share some romance. As they kiss, EJ enters, and things get awkward.

JJ is stunned when Hope mentions that Jennifer had a date last night. JJ presses his mom, who admits she had plans with Aiden but they fell through - then makes clear it was intended to be purely platonic. Aiden arrives, and he and Hope are extremely uncomfortable around each other. When Jennifer reenters the room, Aiden quickly makes an excuse to leave. Jennifer explains to Hope about the non-date with Aiden, and Hope later asks Aiden why he misled her.

Eve surprises Theresa by sending her on a mysterious mission to speak with Paige. Theresa visits her unsuspecting niece and pretends to be happy that Paige is dating JJ, reinforcing the idea of how fun and wild he is. Later, Paige confronts her mother, demanding to know if she sent Theresa to talk to her.

Earlier, Eve interrupts JJ and Rory to tell JJ she's disappointed in him - he's much more like his father than she thought.

NEXT ON: Nicole finally gets her chance to confront Kristen.

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Sami is forced to change tactics with EJ.

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Days of our Lives
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Monday, August 18, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami is forced to change tactics with EJ.