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Monday - 08/11/14

Daniel marvels that Kristen can actually believe Brady would ever have anything to do with her again. An emotional Kristen confesses Brady was a lifeline for her. She knows her ex is a wreck over John's injury and wants to help him. Daniel informs her she'll not get that chance: the truck they're in is bound for Salem, and when it stops, he's taking her straight to the police.

Theresa sees Eve being "friendly" with Brady and interrupts. In private, she warns Eve to steer clear of him. Eve cautions her sister not to get too attached to Brady - in case her being around sparks a memory Theresa doesn't want to come to light. Later, Theresa and Brady sign their annulment papers.

Paige tells JJ she's deferred Stanford for a year so she can stay in Salem. Thrilled, he embraces her. Later, Adrienne questions JJ about the wisdom of dating the daughter of the woman who's suing his mother. Meanwhile, Paige tells Eve about her decision, and Eve privately blames JJ. She resolves to break up him and Paige.

Hope returns from vacation and connects with Kayla, who wants to talk once more about Aiden. Hope tenses up, insisting there's nothing to talk about. Meanwhile, Aiden continues to consult with Jennifer about the lawsuit and surprises her by asking her out. When she reacts, he's quick to reassure her it's as friends only - strictly platonic. Jennifer agrees, and later Aiden has an inadvertent cross with Hope. The attraction is instant and uncomfortable for both. He lets her know about the "date" with Jennifer and allows her to think it's romantic.

Marlena tries to reach comatose John by putting on familiar perfume. She gets nothing and feels foolish, but once she turns her back, a single tear escapes John's eye.

NEXT ON: Hope questions Jennifer about her "date" with Aiden.

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A jealous Theresa warns Eve to stay away from Brady.
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Monday, August 11, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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A jealous Theresa warns Eve to stay away from Brady.