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Monday - 08/04/14

Kristen's men are closing in, but Daniel is able to keep her hidden. Kristen insists she's the only one who can save Brady, but Daniel balks at this, especially when it was her actions that caused him to fall off the wagon. She warns he'll never get out of the building alive, but Daniel is determined...

Theresa, trying to assuage her guilt, shows up with annulment papers for Brady. Brady questions her about the night he hit his father, and she maintains he acted in self-defense. She wonders if she and Brady can ever be friends again, and he explains it's not possible.

Eric and Nicole find themselves on the same plane to Rome, and Eric lays into her, saying her betrayal is worse than anything Kristen did to him. Nicole thinks maybe it was a mistake for her to fly halfway around the world to help him.

Ben comes clean with JJ about his and Jordan's past. JJ understands but warns that Ben better not hurt his sister. At the same time, Sami tells Jordan that Rafe cheated on her with Kate. Upset, Jordan runs out, and Abigail lays into Sami, calling her a monster. Later, Abigail returns to Club TBD, where she's forced to tell JJ she lost her job because of Sami. JJ later runs into Sami and rips into her. Meanwhile, Ben gives Abigail a sweet gift he made.

Jordan confronts Rafe about his affair and is devastated when he admits it's true. Privately thrilled, Kate "accidentally" makes things worse, and Jordan rushes out in tears.

NEXT ON: Adrienne is stunned when a vicious Sami turns the tables on her.

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Sparks fly when Eric and Nicole head to Rome to clear his name.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, August 4, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sparks fly when Eric and Nicole head to Rome to clear his name.