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Monday - 07/21/14

Nicole is surprised when Eric shows up at her hotel room. He asks her not to exploit Sami and EJ's situation on her newscast. Nicole uses this as an opening to talk about the two of them, but Eric is wound tight and unforgiving. It gets tense between them, and finally they wind up nose-to-nose, both feeling something very different than the animosity that preceded it.

Jennifer lets Eve know she's got a full-fledged battle on hands over Jack's royalties. Confident she's going to win in court, Jennifer no longer wants to negotiate. Eve starts to wonder if she's gone too far. Eve heads out and crosses with Daniel. Once more, she tries to engage and this time gets a little further with him as they bond over the trials and tribulations of parenting. They start to get closer and that's when Jennifer arrives - getting an eyeful and not liking it.

At the hospital, Theresa worries Abe will uncover the truth about what happened to John. Meanwhile, an anguished Brady is by John's side, wracked with guilt. Summoned by Theresa, Aiden arrives and offers his services to Brady. Daniel announces John's in a deep coma... and he may never wake up.

NEXT ON: EJ is outraged when he learns Kate has moved into the mansion.

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Jennifer spies Daniel and Eve as the two grow closer.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, July 21, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jennifer spies Daniel and Eve as the two grow closer.