Theresa and John face off - and their heated argument ends in violence!
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Monday - 07/14/14

Season 49
Episode 12378
Air Date 07/14/14

Brady and Theresa return from their trip to Vegas, and Brady passes out from all the drinking and drug use. When John arrives, he and Theresa face off over his son. Things get out of hand when Theresa gives John stunning news. She tries to blackmail him for money - and their heated argument ends in violence!

Abigail seeks comfort from Jennifer and tells her more about her affair with EJ. JJ comes home, and he is furious with EJ when he is brought up to speed. Later, Abigail hears JJ and Jennifer talking about Eve and the lawsuit, and she demands they tell her what's going on.

Will and Sonny are stunned by Sami's news. Eric urges Sami to abandon her plans for revenge.

Hope pulls back from the highly charged, romantic moment with Aiden. Ciara and Chase wonder why their parents stopped dancing. Hope makes an excuse to leave with Ciara, effectively avoiding having to talk to Aiden.

NEXT ON: Abigail and Eve get into a huge, public fight.