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Monday - 07/07/14

Sami tricks EJ into making a major mistake. Stefano calls Kate with a favor, playing right into her hands. Later, Sami gets an unwelcome surprise from Kate.

Nicole tries to use the situation with Sami and EJ to make inroads with Eric. However, he sees right through her plan and rips into her. Later, Nicole visits EJ to gloat, then offers her help. Meanwhile, Theresa runs into Eric and when she starts to badmouth Nicole, Eric is put in the strange position of having to defend his ex.

Clyde arrives in Salem, and Kate gives him key information about Jordan and Ben. She reminds him to keep her name out of it when he reunites with his children. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rafe make love. She’s about to confess her past when he’s called into work. He promises to hear what she has to say at a later time.

Maggie finds a hungover Brady and tries to reach out to him, but they’re interrupted by Theresa. When Maggie asks for a moment alone, Brady tells her the meetings aren’t really "resonating" with him. Later, Brady invites John over and offers him a proposal.

NEXT ON: Sami makes a big, game-changing move.

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Monday, July 7, 2014 - 13:00
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Sami tricks EJ into making a major mistake.