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Monday - 06/30/14

Kate is stunned when she learns Clyde is Jordan and Ben's father. However, she's unable to dig up much about why they left home except that the man admits to making mistakes while raising them. He seems resigned to letting them live their lives without him. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Ben she's realized she has to come clean with Rafe about their past. Jordan talks about how difficult things were for both her and Ben before she took him with her and departed Poplar Bluff - and how their lives were in danger over the money they took from Clyde when they left.

Eric's with Marlena, knowing Nicole's testimony is critical if he's to be cleared - but he's at peace leaving that choice to her. At the same time, Daniel gets a surprise as he's finishing with the bishop, and Nicole arrives. Once Nicole's alone with the bishop, she freely confesses all she did to deceive Eric. Against this, Eric meets up with Daniel, getting a shock when he learns Jennifer and Daniel have split. Later, Nicole runs into Eric, letting him know what she did. He thanks her - but leaves it at that and goes.

Jennifer lets JJ know what Eve's intentions are for the royalties for Jack's book. Jennifer meets with Aiden, who examines the document Eve gave Jennifer and says it's possible Eve has a claim on the money. Meanwhile, Eve visits her sister Theresa and learns some interesting information about Jennifer's son.

Hope innocently asks Chase about his mother, but Aiden happens upon them and quickly puts an end to the conversation. Hope's a little thrown, but Aiden claims talk of Chase's mom upsets the boy.

NEXT ON: Sami and EJ's wedding begins.

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Kate is stunned when she learns Clyde's connection to Jordan.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, June 30, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kate is stunned when she learns Clyde's connection to Jordan.