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Monday - 06/16/14

Sami and EJ confront Kate about her intentions regarding Stefano. She plays coy and continues to hint that she would convince Stefano not to support Sami and EJ's marriage. Once she leaves, Sami convinces EJ they need to get married as soon as possible. They run into Abigail, and Sami asks her to help plan the wedding. Abigail balks but eventually agrees so as not to raise Sami's suspicions.

Earlier, Abigail and Ben share a romantic moment in the park before Jordan sends her brother a text, needing to talk. Ben advises Jordan to have faith that Rafe will eventually come around but Jordan fears he is slipping away from her.

Earlier, Jordan tries to boost Rafe's spirits but he snaps, wanting to be alone to deal with his guilt. She reluctantly leaves but Lucas soon joins him and inadvertently makes him feel worse. Kate arrives in time to shoo away her son and Rafe ends up confiding in her.

Encountering Brady while he is high on cocaine, John accuses his son of using again. Brady denies this and rushes out to meet with Theresa. Seeing his father has followed him, Brady suggests to Theresa that they go back to her place, where he gets drunk and they make love. Theresa realizes John would do anything to protect Brady and gets an idea...

Earlier, Theresa taunts JJ about Paige, saying she might have to give his little girlfriend the scoop on him. He later meets up with Paige and gives her a sweet gift. She confesses Marybeth has once again been badmouthing him but promises that nothing anyone says will change her mind about him. When she later compares JJ to Jack, JJ covers his unease.

NEXT ON: Nicole and Sami get into a huge catfight!

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Theresa threatens to screw up JJ's relationship with Paige.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, June 16, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Theresa threatens to screw up JJ's relationship with Paige.