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Monday - 06/09/14

Eric asks Daniel for the reconstructed medical records that might clear him in the Kristen/Chyka matter. Daniel is shocked when he learns it wasn't Nicole who told Eric the truth, but Jennifer. Meanwhile, Nicole confronts Jennifer for sticking her nose into her and Eric's relationship. Nicole swears she would have told Eric the truth, but Jennifer doesn't believe her. Nicole then shows up at Daniel's apartment, and she surprises him with an angry slap.

Ben convinces Paige they didn't know each other in Miami. JJ suggests they all get together sometime, but Ben is privately uneasy. Meanwhile, Bev convinces Cole (who is just out of jail) to plant some weed in Paige's purse. Cole distracts Paige and almost succeeds in dropping the joints into her bag, but is stopped when she returns unexpectedly. JJ appears, and he and Cole get into a fight.

Gabi confesses a secret to Abigail. Later, Gabi is surprised when Kate reaches out to her, and they bond.

Kate and later Sonny try to cheer up Will.

NEXT ON: Marlena lays into Sami and Kate over what they did to Nick.

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Abigail is stunned when she learns about a long-buried secret.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, June 9, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Abigail is stunned when she learns about a long-buried secret.