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Monday - 06/02/14

The truth about Nick's murder is revealed - and several lives will never be the same.

Eric confronts Nicole with the knowledge that she had evidence linking Kristen to Chyka - and then destroyed it. Nicole eventually runs out of spin and acknowledges the truth. She then makes a desperate plea, claiming she loved Eric too much to risk losing him.

Meanwhile, Jennifer reflects on her decision to tell Eric what she knew. She gets a visit from Marlena and hints Eric may not be going away after all.

Rafe and Jordan spend the day making love and shutting out the rest of the world. Later, Sami finds them in the square and bursts Rafe's bubble.

NEXT ON: An emotional Nicole begs for Eric's forgiveness.

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The truth about Nick's murder is revealed.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, June 2, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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The truth about Nick's murder is revealed.