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Monday - 05/05/14

After a confrontation with Nick, EJ decides to take drastic action! When Sami arrives home, she realizes what EJ is planning and has a surprising reaction.

Earlier, Sami and Abigail ask Maggie to talk to Nick about the custody agreement and get him to see that it's wrong. While Maggie manages to convince Nick to open up, he remains steadfast in his desire to have the life he's always wanted with Gabi - and vows no one will get in his way. Later, he runs into Abigail and, knowing she asked Maggie to speak with him, he lashes out at his cousin - calling her EJ DiMera's whore!

Rafe tries to get through to Gabi about the custody agreement but she insists he must leave this - and Nick - alone. Once Rafe leaves, Gabi makes a private confession to Arianna about her situation.

Jordan is incensed when she realizes Kate broke into her apartment. They have a huge catfight but Kate warns Jordan better back off or she'll tell Rafe about the fake ID's. Jordan then hurries to Ben and tells her brother they have to leave town. Ben balks, insisting he's tired of running and lying to people. He's already upset that he had to lie to Abigail earlier about how he knows Jordan. Later, Jordan sees Kate speaking with Rafe and fears her secret has been exposed.

Ciara guilt-trips Roman into accepting the date with Giselle. Hope is appalled when she learns what happened - and that Aiden was involved. Aiden owns his mistake but Hope decides it's all for a good cause and lets him and Ciara off with a light slap on the wrist. The incident unexpectedly bonds Aiden, Hope and Ciara.

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Jordan and Kate get into a huge catfight!
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, May 5, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jordan and Kate get into a huge catfight!