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Monday - 04/28/14

Nicole confides to Rafe that Liam is holding something over her head but refuses to give further details. Rafe advises her to come clean with Eric.

Jennifer gets a surprise when Liam shows up at the Horton cabin. He seems emotional and vulnerable, and finally she realizes he's the one who's been harassing her and who framed Daniel. Liam confesses how hurt he was when she dumped him to go back to her ex. But when Jennifer reaches out to Liam and offers to get him help, he makes it clear he didn't come here for help and pulls out his gun. Meanwhile, Daniel puzzles over his situation with Eric, who has an epiphany.

EJ's on the hunt to find out who sent the photo depicting him and Abigail in the throes of passion - and the answer may surprise him.

Abigail gets a shock when, in the middle of her argument with Nick, Ben appears from nowhere and pushes her cousin against a wall. Warning Nick to back off, Ben exudes a dark intensity that has even Nick worried. Abigail gets Ben to let Nick go, then demands he explain his reaction.

Rafe tells Jordan about how Ben warned him not to hurt her. Jordan says there's a reason Ben is feeling so protective - she's in love with Rafe.

Will sees the draft custody agreement Gabi got from her lawyer and panics when he reads the harsh terms. He confronts Gabi but she tries to reassure him she wants him in Arianna's life and that will never change. He tells EJ and Marlena he's certain Nick is behind getting that language into the agreement. Later, Nick hints to Percy he has a plan.

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Jennifer learns why Liam cornered her at the cabin.
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Days of our Lives
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Monday, April 28, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jennifer learns why Liam cornered her at the cabin.