Gabi makes a shocking announcement.
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Monday - 04/14/14

Season 49
Episode 12316
Air Date 04/14/14

Sami blasts Gabi for lying about her relationship with Nick, and she accuses her of not being fit to raise Arianna. Rafe and Will arrive, and Rafe storms off to chew out Nick. Will asks his mother to go, saying she's only going to make things worse. Will, struggling to find the right words to say to Gabi, is at a loss when she emerges from her bedroom with a suitcase and announces she's leaving. Meanwhile, Sami returns home and tells EJ they have to stop Nick.

Earlier, EJ and Nick exchange words at Club TBD. Sonny arrives, and Nick gives him a wedding present. Sonny is somewhat touched, despite himself.

Eric presses Theresa to tell him if she was involved in what happened to Daniel, but she denies it. Meanwhile, Nicole tracks down Liam, demanding to know what he was doing at Daniel's apartment building.

Earlier, Liam tries to plant seeds of doubt about Daniel in Jennifer's mind. Later, Daniel wants to go confront Theresa, suspecting she drugged him.