Aiden confronts Hope over what she said about him to Kayla.
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Monday - 03/31/14

Season 49
Episode 12306
Air Date 03/31/14

Gabi runs into Nick, who gets her to feel sorry for him over not being invited to Will and Sonny's bachelor party. He claims Gabi is the only person who really gets him, and they grow closer. Meanwhile, everyone gathers at Club TBD to congratulate Sonny and Will. T is especially proud to make the first toast. When Gabi arrives, Abigail realizes Gabi was late because she'd been talking to Nick. T hires a stripper for the festivities, which doesn't go quite as planned.

Aiden lets Hope know he heard everything she said about him to Kayla. After a brief interruption by Eric, Hope apologizes but Aiden's actually grateful because he isn't interested in dating anyone. Hope assumes it's because he isn't over the loss of his wife but Aiden's a hair mysterious about it.

Liam's arrival delays Nicole from getting rid of the shredded documents. She's forced to leave, then circle back before setting the papers on fire. She then rushes to meet up with Eric, who's privately conflicted about their future, knowing they cannot marry in the Church.

Jennifer tells Daniel she thinks Nicole lied about where she was going, but doesn't think it's a big deal. Later, they take Parker out for ice cream, and Liam fumes when he spots them together.