Rafe has a violent reaction to finding Jordan with Ben...
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Monday - 03/24/14

Season 49
Episode 12301
Air Date 03/24/14

Lucas finds Sheryl working with Nick and sternly warns her to stay clear of his cousin. Sheryl is apologetic, and they grow closer. Meanwhile, Nick figures out Kate hired Sheryl to get information on Jordan. He tells Kate he doesn't care what she does to Jordan and Rafe, but she had better lay off him and Gabi. Later, Nick overhears EJ warning Gabi to make sure Nick has really changed if she's going to pursue a relationship with him.

Sami urges Kate not to forgive Stefano, and the two women actually share a warm moment. Later, Sami is curious when she spies Jordan having an intense conversation with Ben. She follows them to the square, where she bumps into Rafe. She points him in their direction, and when Rafe comes upon them, he thinks Ben is bothering Jordan - so he punches him!

Earlier, Rafe argues with Gabi about her growing closeness to Nick.

Brady seems to have an epiphany about his drinking and makes amends with Maggie. However, things take a turn when he overhears John trying to buy off Theresa to get her to stay away from his son. Brady goes ballistic and tells his father to get lost. Rattled, he and Theresa go out for a drink.