Jennifer spies on Theresa and issues Brady a warning.
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Monday - 03/17/14

Season 49
Episode 12296
Air Date 03/17/14

Daniel confronts Nicole with the letter she reassembled from Chyka's materials - and for a moment, it looks like she may confide in him. Instead, she spins a lie about receiving it anonymously at work. She offers the theory that Stefano sent it to rattle Eric's cage and convinces Daniel to keep it from Eric since it doesn't actually prove anything.

Jennifer downplays the offensive flyer to Eric, then goes off to find out who Photoshopped the picture of her. A run-in with Anne makes Jennifer think she's not responsible so she zeroes in on Theresa. She tracks her to the pub and finds her getting cozy with Brady. Jennifer starts to warn Brady about Theresa but he refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Liam shows up at Jennifer's office to offer concern and runs into a suspicious Eric.

EJ's relieved when Sami thinks he was in the hospital meeting room to get information for an impotent Stefano. Meanwhile, Adrienne inadvertently rattles Abigail when she claims to know her secret. Abigail almost slips, but then realizes her aunt is talking about her tutoring sessions with Sami. Later, Abigail suggests to EJ that if she is indeed pregnant, she will move to Europe to have his baby.