EJ receives stunning news about Abigail.
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Monday - 03/10/14

Season 49
Episode 12291
Air Date 03/10/14

Nicole is upset to learn Eric does not want to have sex before marriage.

JJ again spots the mystery girl (Paige) but loses sight of her when Rory distracts him. Bev shows up and takes a dig at JJ that hits hard. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jennifer's reconciliation is interrupted when she must leave to deal with a work crisis. JJ shows up to visit Parker and ends up confiding in Daniel, who gives him advice. Later, JJ is doing his community service when he again spots the girl - who is also doing community service.

Liam visits Daniel and vaguely apologizes for overreacting with Jennifer when she broke things off. Daniel, a bit confused, accepts his apology. Meanwhile, Jennifer is stunned to learn someone has been posting angry, mean-spirited messages about her on the hospital website. Jennifer questions Anne, who denies she's behind it. Later, Anne congratulates Theresa, believing she's responsible.

Abigail admits to Sami that she did sleep with a man other than Chad - but she can't be pregnant! Sami encourages her to talk to her mom, but Abigail makes Sami promise not to tell anyone. However, EJ later gets Sami to spill - and he's privately shocked to learn Abigail may be carrying his child!

Earlier, EJ gives Gabi her new modeling contract, and Will learns it was Nick's idea. Will is furious, but EJ talks him down. Will later confides in Abigail. He asks her to be a part of his and Sonny's wedding and she shocks him by blurting no! Meanwhile, Nick congratulates Gabi on her new deal and promises to let her make her own decisions.