Things heat up between Brady and Theresa.
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Monday - 03/03/14

Season 49
Episode 12286
Air Date 03/03/14

Sonny accuses Nick of taking advantage of Gabi's vulnerability. Nick adamantly insists Sonny is mistaken. He then reveals he knows Will and Sonny have been in on the secret surrounding his disappearance, and if pushed, he could make life difficult for everyone.

Elsewhere, Will and Sami tell Caroline the great news about Will and Sonny's upcoming wedding. Later, Nick seeks out Sami to "strongly suggest" she use Gabi as a model for the new Countess Wilhelmina product line.

Eric and Nicole get together for their date at Club TBD. Things are just getting underway when Brady and Theresa arrive. The couples have a tense exchange, and Brady finally leaves with Theresa. Nicole and Eric resolve not to let it spoil their night, and they share a kiss. Against this, Brady and Theresa return to her place, and things heat up. But Brady's had a little too much to drink and passes out. Theresa spies his wallet, impressed by his wealth.

Jennifer and Daniel's reunion gets off to an awkward start, but it soon leads to passionate lovemaking.

JJ and Bev make out, but they end up arguing when he realizes she brought drugs into his house. He returns to the square, where Rory also gives him grief; and when he loses his wallet, he wonders aloud if things could possibly get worse. That's when a beautiful girl (Paige) appears out of nowhere and returns his lost wallet. He's instantly struck... but when Rory distracts him, she disappears without JJ getting her name.