EJ attempts to end his affair with Abigail.
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Monday - 02/24/14

Season 49
Episode 12281
Air Date 02/24/14

Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ explained everything to her about Theresa - she now knows Daniel was protecting her son all along. She is extremely moved and grateful, and they come together in a kiss.

At the club, Theresa and Brady bond over drinks - and their dislike of JJ, who interrupts to privately remind Theresa of their deal. Later, Sonny thinks Brady's had too much to drink, so Brady heads home. He gets an uneasy feeling he's being watched...

EJ and Abigail's passion ignites as they make out on the DiMera conference room table. However, EJ pulls back and is cruel to Abigail to get her to understand that she deserves more than just a torrid affair. He's in love with Sami, and he cannot sleep with Abigail anymore. He ends the affair and returns home to Sami, who rails against the DiMeras for causing her brother to leave the priesthood. Meanwhile, JJ questions Abigail about her mystery man.

Eric tells Caroline he's leaving the priesthood. Sami overhears the news and blasts Nicole, knowing she must somehow be responsible. Eric takes his sister away to explain his decision. Marlena tries once more to pin Nicole down on what really happened with Dr. Chyka. Nicole gets angry and swears she just wants Eric to be happy. Later, Theresa tells Eric she doesn't care for Nicole, and he admonishes his cousin.