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Friday - 08/29/14

Abigail gets an unexpected reminder of EJ and shuts down with Ben. Ben worries he's done something wrong, and that's when they're finally rescued by T. Abigail, flustered, makes a fast exit, and Ben is even more confused. Later, Abigail runs into Jordan, and she realizes she must go back and clear things up with Ben. She starts to do just that, but EJ arrives. Ben finds them together, and before Abigail can clarify her feelings, he takes off.

Sami gets an alarming message about Stefano and abandons her lunch with EJ without explanation. She tracks down Kate and warns that Stefano has cut a deal with the authorities and may be soon on his way back to Salem. Worried about his plans for them, they go to the police station and alert Rafe. He learns strings were likely pulled - Stefano could be back in Salem almost immediately.

Will opens up to Sonny that he's always felt inadequate compared to him, and so when he got the job writing for that magazine, it was something he could point to as an accomplishment. Now he's learned it isn't true, and that's why he's upset. Sonny tries to assure Will he got the job because of his talent but Will isn't buying it. The rift between them remains. Later, Will confides in T.

Rafe informs Jordan he tried to put in a good word for Abigail with his friend, but the job was already filled. Clyde watches and realizes Jordan is softening towards Rafe. Later, Clyde seeks out his stepdaughter and manages to rattle her when he tells her Rafe introduced him to Kate Roberts.

Victor lets Maggie know that the article blasting EJ and Sami was his idea - he owns the magazine that published it, and he told the editor to go for it. He didn't know Abigail would be named but that doesn't lessen his guilt. Maggie is furious, but they work through it.

NEXT ON: Kristen stuns Marlena with a revelation.

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Sami and Kate panic when they learn Stefano is on his way back to Salem.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, August 29, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami and Kate panic when they learn Stefano is on his way back to Salem.