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Friday - 08/22/14

Kristen is let go on $1 million bail, despite the D.A.'s argument that she is a clear flight risk. At the same time, Brady goes to the hospital, where he overhears Theresa and Anne talking about the magazine article about Abigail. Theresa sees his frustration, and she wonders if it's because of Kristen's return. Brady tells Theresa he's upset because he was told by a medical expert that there's no hope for his father. Theresa reaches out to comfort him... but Brady pulls back, reminding her he sent in the annulment papers. He goes for a run to clear his head... and runs into Kristen. Meanwhile, Roman updates Marlena about Kristen.

Daniel calls Anne out on her glee regarding the Abigail scandal. He stops by the Horton house to support Abigail. She and Jennifer craft a press release to counter Will's article. Daniel ends up helping Jennifer deal with some reporters but maintains a certain emotional distance. Later, Anne stops by to gloat, but Jennifer handles her. Daniel runs into Theresa, and once again he picks up on her interest in the John situation. She covers, turns the tables and gets feisty with Daniel.

Will reveals to an angry EJ that it was Sami who named Abigail in the article. Later, EJ encounters Abigail, assuring her everyone knows she was the victim in this thing. Abigail assures him she was no victim. Sonny lets Sami have it for what she did to Will. Sami says Will was not the innocent party. Marlena comes in on their argument and is upset Sami didn't tell her. Sami explains she didn't - and still does not - want to hear her mother's platitudes. Later, EJ returns home and finds a rattled Sami, who says he has to help her! Meanwhile, Will hangs up from a call with Sonny when Abigail arrives.

NEXT ON: Will discovers a startling secret.

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Kristen pulls off a miracle in court.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, August 22, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Kristen pulls off a miracle in court.