Clyde makes a deal with Ben.
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Friday - 08/15/14

Season 49
Episode 12401
Air Date 08/15/14

Sami is furious when she learns Will wrote the scathing article, and she confronts him. Reeling, Sami can't believe he would do this to her, but Will says she gave him no choice. She warns he will regret ever writing it. Later, Zoe orders a change to the article, revealing the unnamed mistress - Abigail Deveraux. Earlier, Sonny and Will celebrate Will's story, and Adrienne stops by. She learns about Will being published and nearly lets the cat out of the bag that Victor is the publisher of the magazine. Later, Sonny worries about Will finding out he had a hand in getting him the job.

EJ warns Kate that Stefano might be gunning for her and Sami. Kate rejects this, but it's clear EJ has hit a nerve. Later, EJ gives the green light to his new business. He runs into Rafe and can't help wondering if his breakup with Jordan was about Sami. Rafe balks, and EJ realizes Jordan dumped Rafe.

Ben learns Clyde spoke to Abigail, and he's angry. Abigail thinks people do change and that maybe he should give his father a chance. Later, Ben seeks Clyde out and tells him to leave Abigail alone. Clyde agrees, but only if Ben will agree to give him a chance to prove he has changed. Earlier, Clyde tells Jeremiah it's full steam ahead with their "business."

Adrienne and Abigail talk about her affair with EJ. Abigail assures that EJ is in her past.

Earlier, Jordan listens to Rafe, and while he apologizes, he just wants the two of them to try to work things out. Jordan can't make any promises, but Rafe just wants her to think about it. Later, Jordan runs into Abigail, who determines Jordan's issue with Rafe isn't about love, but trust. Abigail thinks if the love is still there, they shouldn't throw it all away.

NEXT ON: Sami is forced to change tactics with EJ.