Kristen makes an emotional confession to Daniel.
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Friday - 08/08/14

Season 49
Episode 12396
Air Date 08/08/14

Daniel's determined to get Kristen back to Salem to answer for what she did to Eric. She makes a surprisingly emotional confession about why she went to such extremes. Daniel manages to get them in the back of a moving truck, away from her thugs and - with any luck - back to Salem.

Nicole is rocked when Eric reveals he was offered his position back in the priesthood. An emotional, tortured Eric says he has lost his vocation, and he hates her for what she did to him. Nicole reels.

Marlena tracks down Theresa, certain she knows more about the night John was injured than she's saying. Theresa sticks to her story, increasingly uneasy. Brady and Marlena meet with Kayla to discuss John's case. They are rocked to learn the hospital is advising John be moved to a long-term care facility - in effect, they're giving up hope. Marlena isn't prepared to do that and neither is Brady. Later, Eve reaches out to Brady. Theresa spies them together and instantly hates what she sees.

Earlier, Paige tells Eve she wants to defer going to Stanford for a year to stay in Salem and support Eve during the trial. Eve vehemently objects to the idea and refuses to discuss it further. Eve makes a beeline for JJ and tells him about Paige's offer. She insists he tell Paige it's nonsense. JJ does as he's told but gets a shock when Paige tells him it's too late. Paige already notified Stanford - she's staying. Earlier, JJ tells Jennifer he's in love with Paige. She's supportive and promises she will do all she can to not let her situation with Eve affect them. Later, Jennifer meets with Aiden about the case - and he promises not only to be her lawyer, but her friend.

NEXT ON: Theresa issues Eve a warning.