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Friday - 08/01/14

Jordan has no choice but to introduce Rafe to her stepfather, Clyde. After Clyde goes, Rafe sees Jordan is upset, and just as it looks like they might connect, he's called into the station.

Abigail lets Ben read her resignation letter, and after she leaves to take it to the hospital, Clyde shows up. He tells Ben he's done nicely. Angry, Ben lays into Clyde, who doesn't appreciate his mouthy son. Clyde promises to break him - he did it before and he can do it again.

Sami and Kate continue to wreak havoc on EJ and Stefano's holdings. Sami is pleased when Kate tells her how she slighted Abigail and Ben. Later, Sami goes to the hospital and runs into Jordan and Abigail. Jordan gives Sami grief, and Abigail adds to it by saying Sami never had what Rafe and Jordan have. Sami balks, then drops the bomb that Rafe is still sleeping with Kate!

Eve pays Maggie a visit and asks for some help regarding the lawsuit. When Eve talks about her troubles with Jennifer, Daniel's name comes up, and Eve quickly learns he is Maggie's son. Maggie makes it clear Eve will get no support from her.

Paige spends the day with JJ at the lake and realizes how hard it will be on them both when she goes off to school in the fall. Paige goes home and tries to talk to her mother about something but Eve is riled up over her encounter with Maggie.

Daniel gets the better of Kristen, and they're nearly caught by her men... but once he's able to get her under his thumb, he informs her he's taking her back to Salem to pay for her crimes.

NEXT ON: Sparks fly when Eric and Nicole head to Rome to clear his name.

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Daniel turns the tables on Kristen!
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, August 1, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Daniel turns the tables on Kristen!