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Friday - 07/25/14

Victor and Maggie return to Salem to provide support for Brady. Brady admits to Maggie his guilt over what happened to John. He knows now he has a problem with drugs and alcohol and vows he will stay sober. Meanwhile, Victor tears into Theresa. Brady and Maggie interrupt, and Brady privately assures Theresa he has nothing but gratitude for her. However, he believes it's best if they go their separate ways. Theresa pretends to be cool with all this but later freaks out and makes plans to skip town. But Eve catches her and suspects her little sister is fleeing trouble. Back at the hospital, Abe informs Victor and Brady the final forensics report will be delivered tomorrow - and then they will know if Brady with be charged with attempted murder.

Earlier, Eve tries to cover her tracks with Paige about her hitting on Daniel. Paige buys it but still blasts her mother for always needing a man. Meanwhile, Daniel advises JJ to stay out of the lawsuit mess and enjoy his time with Paige. When Paige later comes by, she and JJ start to make out, and it looks like things might progress even further. But with her mother's words ringing in her ears, Paige put on the breaks - and freaks when JJ doesn't stop right away. She flees, leaving behind a mortified JJ.

Nicole tries to apologize to Jennifer - she feels guilty about being part of the reason she and Daniel broke up. However, Jennifer is wary of Nicole's motivations, and the two end up arguing. Later, Aiden tells Jennifer he submitted a summary judgment on her behalf - hopefully they won't have to go to trial.

Eric meets with Bishop White and learns drastic measures must be taken to clear his name. Nicole later also meets with the bishop, who explains he is sending Eric to the Vatican to plead his case - and Nicole must go with him. Meanwhile, Eric explains the same thing to Caroline.

NEXT ON: Kristen returns - and she's up to no good!

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JJ and Paige's romantic night takes a horrible, unexpected turn.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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JJ and Paige's romantic night takes a horrible, unexpected turn.