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Friday - 07/18/14

Kate moves into the mansion and though Sami is resistant at first, they end up bonding over their plans for EJ and Stefano. Later, Sami overhears Kate and Rafe talking about their fling. After Rafe leaves, Sami questions Kate, who happily admits it. Kate suggests Sami do the honors of telling Jordan, but Sami declines.

Will confronts EJ over what he's done. Will then returns home and learns from Adrienne that Sami has had a major confrontation with Abigail and Jennifer. Lucas and Sonny comfort him. Later, Will receives an assignment from his editor to write about Sami and EJ.

Ben asks Abigail if she is in love with EJ. Before she can answer, a crisis pulls Ben away. Abigail goes to EJ, and they lament how foolish they were for believing the truth of their affair would never come out.

Jordan and Ben have a tense reunion with Clyde. He cautions he has Jordan's fake IDs so running isn't an option. In private, Ben insists he and Jordan must stand up to Clyde - and suggests they might need Rafe's help.

NEXT ON: Jennifer spies Daniel and Eve as the two grow closer.

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Jordan and Ben have a tense reunion with Clyde.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, July 18, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Jordan and Ben have a tense reunion with Clyde.