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Friday - 07/11/14

Aiden compliments Hope on how beautiful she looks. She makes light of the moment, but his breath is taken away. Marlena interrupts with a crisis: the celebrity emcee she had lined up can’t make it. Marlena is roped into serving as emce herself, and despite a rocky start, she ends up doing really well. Roman is appreciative, Giselle not so much. Later, Hope and Aiden get roped into dancing the waltz - and end up sharing an electric moment.

Abigail’s worst nightmare comes true.

JJ blasts Eve for torturing his mother. Eve fires back she won’t let him hurt her daughter. JJ swears he has changed. He ends up telling her the whole story of what happened with Theresa... and owns up to his part in the debacle. Eve defends her actions with Jennifer, insisting the lawsuit is only because she wants to provide a great education for Paige. The two end up discovering a new grudging respect for one another. Meanwhile, Marybeth tells Paige it will never work out with JJ and Eve hating each other so much. She suggests Paige forget about JJ and concentrate on meeting someone new at Stanford. Paige goes back home and is stunned when she learns her mom and JJ have called a truce. However, Eve makes it clear to JJ the jury is still out.

NEXT ON: Theresa and John clash in a shocking confrontation.

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Friday, July 11, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sparks fly when Aiden and Hope share a romantic dance.