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Friday - 07/04/14

Adrienne convinces Sonny and Will to come to the annual 4th of July picnic by the lake. Ben also changes his mind about going when he hears Abigail will be there. With T, Abe and Theo also in attendance, Will manages to forget his mother's troubles and focuses on his daughter's happiness.

Theresa blows off Eve and also Anne before sharing a warm moment with Caroline. Meanwhile, Eve tries to charm Daniel, but he makes it clear he doesn't mix business with pleasure.

Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from her.

Abigail goes against her mother's wishes and privately tells Daniel that Jennifer needs him right now (though she gives away no details about the lawsuit). Daniel shows up to tell Jennifer he is worried about her. However, they are unable to get past their rift, and Jennifer ends up watching the fireworks alone.

NEXT ON: Sami tricks EJ into making a major mistake.

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Eve uses her charms on Daniel.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, July 4, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Eve uses her charms on Daniel.