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Friday - 06/27/14

Daniel learns from Marlena that Nicole refused to help with the bishop's investigation of Eric's case. Daniel blasts Nicole for her selfishness, and she gives it right back to him. Nicole then overhears Hope sympathizing with Daniel about his break with Jennifer, and Nicole apologizes. But Daniel won't listen to her. Earlier, the bishop tells Eric some people are cooperating with the investigation, but others - most importantly, Nicole - are not. After Daniel gives the bishop the information he has, he's shocked when Nicole arrives at the office.

Rafe and Jordan wake up together, having made love the night before. Later, Jordan tells Ben she plans to tell Rafe the truth about everything. Meanwhile, Kate travels to the Ozarks and meets Clyde Weston, a man who knows Jordan.

Sami talks to Abigail and Ben and is happy to learn Abigail has a date for the wedding. Later, Sami encounters Rafe, who warns her about marrying EJ, but Sami defends her fiancé.

Hope and Aiden meet Giselle to go over plans for the gala. Roman arrives, and Giselle flirts with him, which makes Marlena jealous. When Eric shows up, he pulls Marlena out of the awkward situation and confronts her about her feelings. At the same time, Hope and Aiden are pleased to see their children are getting along better. Aiden and Eric have a private moment, and Aiden makes a remark about his late wife that is a bit too revealing for his comfort. In the meantime, Hope is with Chase, and he mentions missing his mother. Hope questions him about his mom, which Aiden overhears - and he's not happy.

NEXT ON: Kate is stunned by what she learns from Clyde.

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Daniel blasts Nicole for not helping Eric.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Daniel blasts Nicole for not helping Eric.