JJ gets a surprise when he goes looking for Paige.
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Friday - 06/20/14

Season 49
Episode 12362
Air Date 06/20/14

Paige receives a warning to stay away from Theresa. Meanwhile, Cole finds JJ to let him know how Bev tried to break up him and Paige. JJ encounters Bev and lets her have it. She tells him it's never going to work out with him and that "good girl." He tells Bev he's done with her. Later, JJ gets a surprise when he goes looking for Paige.

Daniel picks up Parker and informs Maggie he and Jennifer are taking a break. As much as he loves Jennifer for who she is, this is a fundamental issue that's come up between them that he doesn't see going away. He brings Parker home, glad to be back with his son but knowing his life may have now changed for the worse.

Meanwhile, Hope visits Jennifer. She sees the yearbook open to a picture of Eve and is curious, but Jennifer says it's not important. She tells Hope about the fight she had with Daniel.

Brady wakes up alone in Theresa's bed, some of the events of the night before a blank. He finds some cocaine by her bedside and uses it to get him going. He goes to the hospital to find Theresa - where she's having an innocent moment with Aiden. Brady gets jealous and makes it clear he's not interested in pursuing anything with her if she's playing the field. Liking this possessive side of Brady, Theresa assures him she isn't.

NEXT ON: Abigail ends up in EJ's arms.