Will realizes Sonny has been keeping a secret from him.
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Friday - 06/13/14

Season 49
Episode 12357
Air Date 06/13/14

Hope informs Rafe a secret will soon be made public. Rafe goes to Daniel to break the news and apologizes, guilt-ridden that he kept this secret from his friend.

Jordan tells Ben she still can't get through to Rafe.

EJ overhears Kate talking to Stefano on the phone about the DiMera board meeting - she's encouraging him to use the opportunity to show everyone who's really in charge. EJ confronts Kate, who denies any ulterior motives. EJ relays this to Sami, who insists on putting Kate on notice right away - she better not try to convince Stefano to derail their wedding! Kate warns them that she and Stefano believe there can only be one queen bee at the DiMera mansion - and it's clear she doesn't mean Sami.

Earlier, Sami and Marlena continue to butt heads because Marlena wants to see some remorse from her daughter. Later, Marlena comforts Hope regarding Nick.

Will realizes Sonny has been keeping a secret from him.

Ben takes Abigail out for a walk to get her mind off things. He gets her to talk about happier times with her family, and Abigail thanks him for trying to cheer her up. They then share a sweet kiss...

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