Sami blasts Kate for allowing Stefano back into her life.
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Friday - 05/23/14

Season 49
Episode 12345
Air Date 05/23/14

Nicole does her best to convince Eric that Daniel is in love with her. She feels it's best if she and Eric elope and stay away from Salem to give Daniel time to realize it's only an infatuation. Eric tells Nicole he needs some time to think it over. He leaves for a walk... and runs into Daniel. Earlier, Daniel is uneasy as Marlena admits she's judged Nicole unfairly.

Lucas is hit when Hope reveals she can place him at the scene of the crime - she demands to know if he shot Nick. Lucas swears he arrived after Nick was shot, though he reluctantly admits he had a gun. Later, Hope receives mysterious intel about the case.

Gabi, Will, Sonny, Sami, Kate and Marlena celebrate Arianna's first birthday. When Gabi notes Kate's expensive necklace, Sami pulls Kate outside for a tense chat. When they come back inside, their fight is in progress as Sami blasts Kate for allowing Stefano back into her life.

EJ confesses to Abigail that he hired someone to shoot Nick. However, the hit man did not succeed - someone beat him to the punch. Abigail is still outraged by EJ's actions but agrees not to say anything. They squirm a bit when Sami arrives but are able to cover. Later, EJ tells Sami that Hope has been questioning Lucas - and Sami wonders if Lucas is guilty.