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Friday - 05/16/14

Daniel insists Nicole come clean with Eric - and at that moment, Eric arrives with Jennifer. Nicole's on the spot but finally convinces Jennifer and Eric to leave and allow her and Daniel to talk privately. Daniel warns her he's not going to stand by and let Eric remain ignorant of what she's done. Nicole promises she's going to tell Eric... but in her own way. She asks Daniel to hold off telling Jennifer anything until she can do that. Later, Eric shows up at Nicole's place, and she takes a deep breath, knowing it's the moment of truth.

Hope sits down with Abigail, who is rattled when Hope brings up Abigail and Nick's fight. Hope's interested to learn that Ben came to Abigail's rescue during another fight with Nick. Later, Abigail apologizes to Ben as she warns he'll probably be questioned soon.

Will tells Marlena how angry he was with Nick. Meanwhile, Hope continues her investigation and questions Kate, who's happy to admit she owns a gun and is not at all shy about admitting her dislike for Nick. A seemingly unworried Kate informs Lucas how it went but when she goes home, she discovers her gun is missing. Hope calls Lucas into her office.

Earlier, Sami and Lucas worry about Allie's trauma. Concerned, Sami calls Marlena over to talk to her daughter. But Allie, exhausted, quickly falls asleep as Marlena and EJ agree she needs her rest. Later, the hit man spots Sami in the square and follows her to a private location where he confronts her and says she isn't going anywhere.

Though totally committed to each other and their love, Will and Sonny each privately suspect the other may have been involved in Nick's shooting.

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Sami gets caught in a tense situation.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, May 16, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami gets caught in a tense situation.