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Friday - 04/25/14

When Liam catches Nicole trying to get into his safety deposit box, he tells her the proof she is looking for is in his pocket - and threatens to expose her secret. Meanwhile, Daniel puts pressure on Theresa as Eric questions Anne. On Smith Island, Jennifer shuts out Lucas when he wants to talk about Daniel, so he leaves his sister alone. Later, Theresa makes plans to leave town; Nicole turns to Rafe for help with Liam, and Liam corners Jennifer in the cabin.

EJ tries to figure out who took the incriminating picture of him and Abigail by getting surveillance records of the ferry dock on the day in question. Meanwhile, Nick threatens Sami, telling her she needs to make sure Will's lawyer says nothing about Nick's past crimes if the case goes to court. Otherwise, everyone will be sorry.

Ben warns Rafe not to hurt his sister. Meanwhile, Abigail overhears Sonny talking about Nick and then goes to confront her cousin about his involvement in Arianna's custody. Nick gets in Abigail's face - only to be strong-armed by a protective Ben. At the same time, Lucas assures Sonny he will not allow Nick to ruin his and Will's happiness.

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Nick threatens Sami.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, April 25, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Nick threatens Sami.