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Friday - 04/18/14

Sami probes Abigail for her feelings about Nick. Abigail can tell Sami's aching for her to trash her cousin, and she contends everyone deserves a second chance. Against this, Will checks in with EJ to let him know he broached the subject of a custody agreement with Gabi. EJ volunteers to act as his attorney.

Rafe comes upon Nick and Gabi sharing a kiss... and recalling Will's warning, he forces himself not to overreact. Once Rafe goes, Nick encourages Gabi to maintain a good perspective about Will's request for a custody agreement and offers to help her find a suitable lawyer. Nick then connects with Abigail to ask about the attorney who helped JJ.

Sami later runs into Rafe, still stewing over what he saw between Gabi and Nick. Sami backs up what Rafe heard from Will - that it would be better for all if Rafe left it alone and didn't rile Nick. He can tell she and Will are trying to protect Gabi, but Sami won't go into details. Rafe, not happy with the lack of answers, goes to his computer and tries to research Nick's actions when he was supposedly in New York. Against all this, photos of EJ and Abigail making love are placed in an envelope - and are delivered anonymously to the DiMera mansion. When Sami and EJ arrive home, Sami assumes the envelope contains materials related to their upcoming wedding, and she starts to open it...

Hope and Aiden already have one disaster on their hands for the school gala when they lose the venue, but things get even worse when another complication arises - and Hope is put in an awkward position involving Roman.

JJ meets up with Paige, and she's angry at first for being stood up; but they quickly put it together that Marybeth must have deleted his text to her. They wind up at his house; but the situation with Daniel is weighing on him, and he opens up a little about his past. Paige is moved he chose to confide in her, but the moment is broken when she gets a call and abruptly puts an end to the encounter, saying she has to rush home. But before she goes, they share their first kiss at the door.

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JJ and Paige share their first kiss.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, April 18, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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JJ and Paige share their first kiss.