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Friday - 04/11/14

When a suspicious Nicole finds Liam outside Daniel's apartment, he does his best to cover. At the hospital, Anne suggests Daniel was abusing prescription drugs, and Jennifer fiercely defends him. Kayla is forced to take away Daniel's badge pending an investigation. Daniel and Jennifer suspect Theresa or Anne might have had a hand in this. At the same time, Theresa's blown away when she realizes Liam may have drugged Daniel. Eric tells Theresa his belief that Daniel was deliberately made sick, and she's a little nervous, knowing she gave Liam the key to Daniel's place. Eric questions her, and she denies she had anything to do with it. Meanwhile, Liam encounters Jennifer and tries to plant seeds of doubt about Daniel. Nicole visits Daniel, and she privately realizes Liam may have been involved in what happened to him.

Abe comforts Maxine, and they grow closer.

Sami tries to warn Gabi once more about Nick, but EJ pulls her back. Meanwhile, Nick meets up with Julie, who's upset when she finds out Nick wasn't invited to Will's wedding. She blames Sami and has a chance to castigate her personally when Sami shows up. Sami notices the shoe Nick is wearing, and realizes he was at the apartment with Gabi the other day. Sami goes over to blast Gabi for being a lying, selfish bitch - and Gabi slaps her!

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Sami blasts Gabi when she realizes Gabi lied to her about Nick!
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, April 11, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Sami blasts Gabi when she realizes she lied to her about Nick!