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Friday - 04/04/14

Nicole is stunned when Eric reveals he does not feel he can marry her because she can't get married in the Church. She storms off and confides in Daniel, who encourages her to be patient. Later, Nicole overhears Marlena leaving a message for Eric and mistakenly believes she's advising him to dump her. She freaks and lashes out at Marlena.

Earlier, Jennifer is annoyed with Daniel when she finds her checkbook at his place - she thinks he was going against her wishes and fixing her finances for her. Daniel, believing Nicole put it there as a joke, insists he didn't do it. He later questions Nicole, who swears it wasn't her. Meanwhile, Liam delights at the friction he's caused. However, he's less pleased when he overhears Jennifer and Daniel make up and make love.

Earlier, Marlena has a tense encounter with John, then continues to reconnect with Eric.

Roman lectures Brady and Theresa about their behavior and later urges John to help his son. Meanwhile, a drunk Brady considers allowing Theresa to get him coke.

EJ asks Sami to describe her perfect wedding, then sets out to make her dreams come true. But a mysterious observer takes an interest in EJ's plans.

Gabi is a bit melancholy after the wedding, and Nick comes by to cheer her up. They start to make love, but are interrupted when Sami comes knocking at the door.

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Things heat up for Nick and Gabi.
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Days of our Lives
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Friday, April 4, 2014 - 13:00
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Days of our Lives



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Things heat up for Nick and Gabi.