Things heat up for Brady and Theresa.
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Friday - 03/28/14

Season 49
Episode 12305
Air Date 03/28/14

Nicole's in a hurry to dispose of the shredded evidence but Hope waylays her to talk about tying up the Chyka case. Relieved this may all soon be over, Nicole then runs into Jennifer, who inadvertently amps up Nicole's guilt and urgency.

Earlier, Daniel and Jennifer believe Theresa's threat to them is fading. At the same time, Theresa gives Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Liam then spies on Jennifer's coffee date with Nicole. When the women leave to go their separate ways, Liam follows Nicole - and catches her dumping the shredded evidence in a roadside trashcan.

Eric reaches out to Brady, who rebuffs his brother. Brady is bitter that the ex-priest has come out of their ordeal with a new life, while his own is in shambles. Eric leaves to confide his dilemma about marrying Nicole to Daniel, who is supportive. Meanwhile, Theresa shows up to see Brady and the two end up in bed, making passionate love.

Kayla runs into Aiden and is charmed. Later, she pumps Hope for information about the new man in town. Hope cannot help but dissuade any romantic interest, and after Kayla leaves, Hope is horrified to realize Aiden has heard her talking about him in a not-so-flattering way.

Sonny and Will ask their fathers to speak at their wedding, and Lucas and Justin both proudly accept. Later, the dads playfully spar over whose speech will be better received.