Kate finally makes good on her promise to have dinner with Stefano.
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Friday - 03/21/14

Season 49
Episode 12300
Air Date 03/21/14

Maxine calls a halt to everyone's bad behavior at Jennifer and Daniel's party. Hope takes the lead in apologizing, but everyone joins in. Aiden follows Hope to the square, and they agree to be civil for their kids' sake, though clearly they prefer to keep their distance from one another. Back at the apartment, Jennifer and Daniel thank Maxine for always being there for them. Maxine makes an innocent remark about them getting married, which leads to an awkward moment. In private, Daniel and Jennifer finally address the issue, and realize they agree: they want to get married, just not right now. Meanwhile, Liam fantasizes about Jennifer, knowing he'll never have a chance with her until Daniel is out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Eric takes Nicole back to her hotel room, and they apologize to each other. Nicole admits she's been so hung up on wanting to have sex with Eric that she failed to appreciate how amazing and wonderful it is that he loves her and wants to marry her. They also realize that could take awhile. Later, Eric starts to realize how complicated this all might be.

Kate finally has the long-promised dinner with Stefano. She tells him what she thinks of him, but Stefano still believes there was once love there.

Sami and EJ run into Gabi and Nick. Sami is furious at Gabi for continuing to fall for Nick's manipulations, and EJ spars with Nick. Later, Nick kisses Gabi goodnight, and Sami and EJ return to the mansion, where they realize Stefano has had dinner with Kate.