EJ winds up in a precarious position.
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Friday - 03/14/14

Season 49
Episode 12295
Air Date 03/14/14

Unable to defend her actions to Eric, Marlena is forced to admit she talked to Chyka to find out if Nicole was lying. Eric storms away and consoles Nicole, who is privately wracked with guilt. As Nicole considers reconstructing the evidence she shredded, Marlena blasts John for bringing Kristen back into their lives, then seeks solace in Roman's arms. Meanwhile, Jennifer discusses with Daniel his and Nicole's lie to Eric - noting that it doesn't seem like something he would do. Later, Daniel finds out the details of Eric's day from Nicole and his words inadvertently help to convince her that she needs to just move on with her life and enjoy her happiness with Eric. However, Daniel then finds Nicole's reconstructed piece of evidence and confronts her.

Meanwhile, Jennifer receives a malicious piece of mail.

Nick has a talk with Will and reveals he just wants to be liked by everyone. Meanwhile, Gabi, high off her modeling job, tells Sonny that Nick really is the only one who knows what she needs. While Sonny and Will commiserate over Gabi getting sucked in, Nick basks in Gabi's gratitude.

EJ manages to elude Sami by climbing out onto a ledge - but then he gets stuck there. Meanwhile, Sami tries to support Abigail and offers to be there when she takes her pregnancy test. Abigail quickly turns her down. Sami later catches EJ, who appears to be keeping something from her.