John and Marlena have a tense reunion.
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Friday - 03/07/14

Season 49
Episode 12290
Air Date 03/07/14

EJ reassures Johnny, who worries his parents' wedding will be a disaster like Aunt Kristen and Brady's. Meanwhile, Sami goes to Abigail for her first tutoring session about art. Sami talks about her wedding and honeymoon plans, making Abigail uneasy. Sami offers her some food she brought, and Abigail feels ill. Sami reacts when she hears Abigail's symptoms and can't help but ask: Is she pregnant?

Nicole almost tells Daniel about the shredded documents, but pulls back. Nicole then meets Eric at the Brady Pub, where they tell Caroline about their relationship. Caroline is supportive, making them both very happy. Later, Eric helps Nicole move into her hotel room. They get romantic, and Nicole says she wants to make love.

Earlier, Jennifer shows Eric around the hospital for his new job. They run into Theresa, who is snarky with Jennifer. Liam interrupts and apologizes once again to Jennifer for losing his temper the other day.

Brady accuses Victor and Maggie of bringing John back to town. Later, Daniel stops by and tells Brady of his reunion with Jennifer. When Daniel realizes Brady is hanging out with Theresa, he warns his friend to stay away. Theresa is irked with Daniel's interference. While Maggie, Victor, Daniel, Jennifer and Parker enjoy some family time together, a mysterious person brings up the hospital webpage and starts to post unflattering comments about Jennifer.

John tells Marlena he came back to see Brady - and her. Their reunion is emotional, but ultimately too much has happened for them even to consider getting back together. However, John reveals he is not leaving Salem.