Marlena makes a deal with the devil.
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Friday - 02/28/14

Season 49
Episode 12285
Air Date 02/28/14

Wanting to protect Eric, Marlena turns to Stefano for help.

Daniel praises Nicole but inadvertently makes her feel guilty. She visits Jennifer and lets her know she's in her corner when it comes to getting back together with Daniel. Earlier, Jennifer gives Eric a photography job at the hospital. Later, Nicole meets up with Eric for their date, while Jennifer and Daniel are equally anticipating a new beginning.

Abigail admits to EJ she understands why their affair must be over and knows she needs to take a hard look at herself for allowing it to happen. Later, EJ meets up with Sami. She relays her earlier run-in with Rafe, who predicted EJ will ultimately hurt Sami. EJ stuffs his guilt. Meanwhile, someone sorts through a collection of photos of EJ and Abigail kissing in the cabin on Smith Island.

Jordan gets an unexpected - and unwelcome - visit from her past in the form of Ben. She tries to evade him, but Ben warns he's here to stay. Jordan leaves and runs into Rafe. He's thrown by her odd behavior.

JJ begins his community service and it's a miserable experience. When he's done, Bev is there to help make his day a little better.