JJ finally admits the truth to Jennifer!
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Friday - 02/21/14

Season 49
Episode 12280
Air Date 02/21/14

Theresa interrupts Daniel and Maggie to announce she's done with AA. Once Maggie is gone, Daniel again warns Theresa to stay away from those he loves.

Marlena continues to press Nicole for answers, but Daniel arrives to defend his friend. Meanwhile, Brady really gets into it with Eric, bitter that all is working out for him. Later, Maggie finds Brady drinking again and realizes she has to let him hit rock bottom. Brady ends up drowning his sorrows with Theresa. Meanwhile, Eric tells Roman he's happy and at peace, while Marlena tells Nicole she still doesn't believe her story.

JJ finally admits the truth to Jennifer - he, not Daniel, was with Theresa the night she overdosed. He reveals Daniel lied to protect him, and Jennifer is blown away. While JJ happily tells Maggie he's finally done something right, Jennifer shows up at Daniel's place, needing to speak with him.

Abigail insists to EJ that what happened between them wasn't a mistake. EJ reveals he and Sami have reconciled. Abigail is hurt at first, but still believes there's something undeniable between her and EJ. EJ warns it would be a disaster if Sami ever found out. Abigail doesn't want that either - she just doesn't want to lose what she and EJ have. EJ responds by pulling her into a hot kiss...